How To: Squash Negativity in the Workplace

Setting: It’s a Monday. President’s Day. School is IN. Nobody wants to be there. NO-BODY. I sure as heck don’t. Everyone else is out of work. It’s 75 degrees outside.

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Run into my first colleague on my walk down to the office to sign in. Without any questions asked, she starts a rant over how she doesn’t want to be there, how her kid’s better be on their best behavior or she will lose it at the drop of a hat, and that she’s got to get her act together fast. I ran into the second colleague at the copy machine, cussing and angry over another colleague because they were not doing their job. I wished them both a good day ahead.

Today, same thing. I was walking the halls between my room and the copier trying to have stuff ready and was stopped by a colleague who was talking bad about our administration.

I tend to really tag along on the mood of others around me. If someone is in a sour mood, I’ll probably wind up in a sour mood and vice versa. So, when people are starting this nonsense before the day even begins….it makes it tough to have a good rest of the day. (It’s hard enough when you have a classroom full of 2nd graders who aren’t morning people and coming in like grumps!). So, I want to share with you..

How To: Squash Negativity in the Workplace

  1. Step Away From the Situation/People That Involve Negativity. Whether it be certain colleagues, circumstances, etc. Just Keep AWAY! Everyone has their moments and I understand that. But, sometimes there are just people that tear others down and use negative talk regularly to feel above others and in control. Stay away from those people! They are a poison for people like me.Image result for walk away meme
  2. Stay Positive. Sometimes easier said that done. But, the popular saying goes “kill them with kindness”. I’m just sayin’, if you are always the positive person, who ALWAYS talks positively about others and about situations, do you think those people who don’t are going to want to share their negative comments with you? Probably not because you’re not going to be the type that will continue to drive that conversation. And I assure you, 9 times out of 10, those people want to share their negative comments with people who are going to agree and give feedback/share some negativity on their own. Image result for stay positive
  3. Empathize With Them. Sometimes all those negative people need is someone to empathize with them. If someone comes to you and is complaining about being at work/other people, maybe you just need to tell them to relax or help them find the positivity in the situation! Okay, so it’s Monday – only 4 more days of school after today!! Yay!! Or, aww man, one of your colleagues are not pulling their weight – can I help you with anything that you might need help with so you can be ready for the day?

I know not everyone is perfect – I’m sure as heck not perfect. I am perfectly..imperfect 🙂 I hope this can help someone else deal with any negativity they face throughout the week!

Do you have any other strategies you use to squash the negativity in the workplace/in your life? Post Below!

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