World’s Worst Worrier

First, let me share a few pictures from this past weekends trip to Asheville! 🙂 We had so much fun taking time celebrating us and exploring the Biltmore House. We even upgraded our passes to Annual Passes so we can go as much as we want from now until this time next year. So exciting!



We seriously had the best of times and were not ready to come home to work and reality.

Now, back to being the worlds worst worrier. That is seriously me. I just went to the gyno for the first time EVER for my checkup/pap smear..and I’m 25 (26 in a few months). I just knew that my waiting until now was going to land me with cervical cancer.

My dad was having migraines just before summer and was ordered to have an MRI on his brain to make sure everything was fine. I just knew he was going to have a tumor. Everything was normal – he was having tension headaches.

Now here we are, back from such a nice trip to Asheville and Monday morning Matt landed at the Dr. due to what they said was a ocular migraine. He never had regular headaches/migraines until this past September when he had an ocular migraine followed 2 days later by flu symptoms (which they pinned as a flu like virus because the flu test came back negative…which then got worse so they called in tamiflu). He was down for about a week and a half. This past Monday: ocular migraine, This morning: flu symptoms galore – lightheadedness, fatigue, nausea, fever, headache, achy body. Again, he just let me know his flu test came back negative again.

I’ve literally been trying not to worry and think the worst about everything because that’s what I do. Meningitis, Brain Tumor…Lawd. That’s the place I fall into.

This week and always I’m trying to remind myself that God has his hand on everything all the time. That instead of worrying over silly stuff, I need to pray and keep my faith. So, that is the task I have for myself now and always..but definitely now.


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