Weekend Roundup – DIY Welcome Sign

Ya’ll…THAT SUPERBOWL COMEBACK!! Wowzas. Biggest comeback in Superbowl history, first Superbowl to EVER go into overtime. What a game. I went to bed feeling satisfied to say the least 🙂

And my Tummy was very satisfied. I got plenty of compliments on my vanilla cupcakes with strawberry compote and homemade buttercream icing. C’mon, aren’t you drooling?!


So, other than all the baking and Superbowl things that were going on this weekend..I got a little crafty :). I cannot help but feel obligated to keep Matt’s house somewhat decorated. So, I have made/gotten him things to hang on his door. It was all but time to take down the Christmas sign I made for him…


So, although Winter is quickly coming to an end, I made him this welcome sign that can be used for the remainder of winter!


I have come to really enjoy making these wooden signs! They are so easy, and turn out looking so so good!!

I already had the paints, so I bought the wood and stained it to be a little darker where I distressed it.


I then rubbed vasoline where I wanted the distressing to happen – I used a q-tip and put it all around the edges, heavier on the corners, and a little on the middle. After putting the vasoline on the wood, I painted over it in black. Then, after the black paint dried, I sanded where I put the vasoline. This took the paint right off and left it looking distressed. Next (because free draw is not my thing) I printed the letters out in my chosen font and cut them out.


I traced the letters so I could paint them in white.


I then painted the snowman face on.


The last touches were the snowflakes. I did free hand these via watching a tutorial video on how to draw them on Youtube! It was a struggle but I think they turned out okay!!


This is just a reminder that even the most uncrafty people, can be crafty indeed!!


Happy Monday – Here’s to a great rest of the week 🙂


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