My Top 5 Super Bowl Party Foods – Dessert Edition

I am SO glad it is finally the weekend!! As much as I value sleep, I decided to take Monday off because I figured with the Super Bowl being Sunday night I’d be up past my bedtime. Haha 🙂 I am an old woman stuck in a 25 year old body and I know I will be worth nothing on little sleep. I’m surprised I’m still up right now on a Friday night!!

I am absolutely looking forward to Sunday night. I’ve been saving my appetite. I’ve finally decided I will be making my Vanilla Cupcakes with Strawberry compote (super easy which you can find here), pizza dip (which is found here), and Ranch Oyster Crackers. A different take on the typical chex mix but oh so good – and good for a crowd!! I’ll probably wind up throwing some pizza rolls and boneless chicken wings in the oven also, we’ll see!

Let’s get down to business though!! I love sweets which makes it only fitting for me to share:

My Top 5 Super Bowl Party Desserts (for a crowd)

I wanted to add for a crowd because these are crowd friendly desserts that you shouldn’t have to double or anything like that 🙂

5. Fruity Pebble Crispy Treats

I have always been the type that could eat cereal for EVERY meal..seriously. Give me a heaping bowl of Captain Crunch or Reeses Puffs and I’ll be good to go. So, when they decide to change out the rice crispies in rice crispy treats with fruity pebbles…I’m all in!

4. Brownies!!

The good news about brownies is there are so many recipes out there as well as boxes of brownies that call for eggs and oil. One of my go-to homemade recipes are these S’more brownies. But, any brownies are absolutely delicious 🙂

3. Banana Split Dessert

Same great taste as the real thing. If I’m making this for a group I typically only put nuts on one side. I LOVE cream cheese and this is a really creamy if you like cream cheese you’ll also be in Heaven.

2. Milk and Cookies Lasagna

Easy, no bake. If you dip your cookies and milk this is the right dessert for you..because you dip the cookies in the milk while putting it together.

1. Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

Okay, I know this cake doesn’t look like anything special..I’m telling you now – talk about a crowd pleaser!! Any type of trip with my friends I go on/church outings – they want this cake!! I’m not big on pound cake, and the good thing is this is made of yellow cake mix and other added ingredients. So, its practically faux pound cake..haha 🙂 It has great flavor and pairs well with a can of vanilla icing melted and drizzled on top!!


I love desserts and could have kept going on and on!! I just wanted to share my ideas that linger outside the box. You could make truffles, poke cake, COOKIES!! If you have any other ideas to share I would love to hear them.

What do you plan on making for Super Bowl Sunday?


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