Step Back. Reset.

Today was a fantastic day! Yesterday. Bless.


This would have been me if I actually kept cheesy balls at my house. Dealing with parents in school is sometimes the hardest part of the job. Sometimes I can’t even. Let me just simply put it as so: I had a parent call yesterday complaining for a total of 20 minutes over the #2 pencils and glue sticks they sent at the beginning of the year with their child..they didn’t think anyone but their child needed to use them since they sent them in. I’m sorry. I just don’t see why one child needs 16 glue sticks and 48 #2 pencils. Long story short, I sent ALL of the supplies he brought in at the beginning of the year home: tissues, glue sticks, pencils, Clorox wipes, band-aids, ziploc bags, etc. I think it frustrated me most because they didn’t see it the way I did – not all students can afford supplies which is why we ask for parents to send so much with them at the beginning of the year. And, if the situation was flipped, they would be grateful for people who could afford it to send a little extra for their child so they have the means to do great things in the classroom!! So, at the end of the day I had dinner with Matt and Moscato. And today I invested in this fun tank!!


Today was a great day though. I made sure to only give off positive vibes..which paired well with my Bourne Southern long sleeve tee!! (Shameless plug: check out Bourne Southern on Instagram or their website


So, onto today! My mom’s office had a social gathering at this place called Hip Hip Hooray (Conover, NC). Pretty much, you pick out a wooden piece, paint it, and then they take it to the back and make it look fancy and you pay and take it home. So, although NC has been getting lots of warm weather, I decided to do a snowflake with an initial in the middle.


So, before I started painting it white, you can see that its just a wooden piece with pencil marks (that they drew) to help me stay in the lines!


This was right before they took it back to make it look fancy pants. And…Drum Roll……..


It looks like a true artist did this!! The glitter and the bow – I just love!! This is actually going on Matt’s door – my last initial is not (yet) a K :). I went ahead and told him that his door needed a woman’s touch which would explain the glitter, monogram, and bow. 

But, after a cray week, today/tonight was exactly what was needed! Sometimes you’ve just got to take a step back, reset, and then start the next day fresh. Every day can be better than the last!


2 thoughts on “Step Back. Reset.

  1. I am offended by this blog being a former teacher! Dealing with parents in school is sometimes the hardest part of the job. It is NOT the hardest job, IT IS the hardest and most draining job!!! You would think taking care of 25plus kids is not enough responsibility, they have no clue. YOU are the one that holds the future of your children (meaning teacher) in your hands. Teach girl, teach!!! EXCELLENT, SUPERB Blog,,,,,,I will be getting back to you. I bet you write a lot during the summer when you have it off LOL (inside teacher joke) -Bruce


    1. I was rightly offended by this parent myself and it took my whole being not to hang up the phone. The students shouldn’t suffer because the parents can’t/don’t have jobs or because they choose not to send in the supplies needed. These 2nd graders are our future!! I guess I see it from the point that if I were unable to supply my child with what was needed, I would hope someone would be there to do it for me so my child could excel. I wish that parent would have seen it that way. But thank you for stopping by!! Oh yes, summer break (hardly after all of the trainings and such!!) Haha 🙂


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