Wear the Inspiration our Country Needs

Hey Ya’ll!!

So, with all of the negativity between people the Trump Presidency has brought, I wanted to share a little staple that I have in my closet.


Bourne Southern Inspirational Tshirts!!

These inspirational tee’s (available in long and short sleeve) are so so comfortable, versatile, and uplifting – which is what we all need!!


Megan and her husband Anthony stepped out in Faith in starting their own shop and it has done nothing but paid off for her and her family (3 boys all under 4 with one on the way any minute!!) Feel free to browse her online store or follow her on Instagram/Facebook (@bournesouthern)


Not only do they offer tshirts, but they also offer wall decals, wooden blocks, scrabble tiles, etc. Seriously, great gifts and home decor!!

So stop by her shop and maybe find a little something to brighten you or someone else’s day!! And in the meantime remember: you may not agree with all of what Trump says, but wishing him to fail is like wishing for a pilot to crash a plane that we’re all on! So, let’s go Trump and let’s go America!!

Bourne Southern Online Shop

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