The Art of Gaining Self Confidence

You know those days where you just wake up feeling…well…


Maybe you ate one to many pieces of pizza the night before and landed in a food coma.

Maybe you just don’t see what someone else see’s when you look in the mirror. Maybe you were told that you aren’t good enough. Maybe you make (negative) things up in your head about yourself that you believe and assume others believe also. Maybe you went to the gym for a week and then lost all momentum.

Teaching Kindergarten and 2nd grade has definitely blown some of my self confidence – from being asked if I had a mustache, how many kids do I have, am I married, etc. Kids are SO honest some times..

One thing I’ve come to learn is that:

Self confidence can only be found within myself.

I can find flaws on my body, in my attitude, my personality, the way I talk, etc. all day long and pick myself apart. And, no matter what anyone says to tell me any different, I will believe those things. I’m not saying I don’t have flaws in those things, but sometimes we just pick ourselves apart WAY too much!!

So, something needs to change. I don’t think its necessarily how we live, look, and act. I think its how we view ourselves. We are part of God’s creation. God created us in His image. So, if we are always picking ourselves apart and thinking down on ourselves, wouldn’t that mean that we are doing the same to God? Our perfect creator..?

So, if it takes putting post it’s around your house with positive quotes, bible verses, or just nice little things about yourself..DO IT!!

Don’t compare yourself to people “above you”, people in the media, models, and how you’re “supposed” to look. You are YOU!! And you are not supposed to be someone else.

Most importantly, surround yourself with people that respect you and don’t tear you down!! Nothing can boost your self confidence than surrounding yourselves with positive people.

With love from my Perfect Creator,



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