God – The ULTIMATE Fan Girl.

I’ll be the first to admit, I went through a fan girl stage. No, I’m not talking about the Backstreet Boys back when I was in Elementary School (because I did go through the stage then). I’m talking about when I was about 21 – when I decided that One Direction was the best thing since sliced bread. To make it a better story, this fan girl stage went all the way until I was 24.


I really thought I was cool (I’m the one on the far left)


And…this time, I decided my cousin needed a chaperone..other than her mom..

I would never admit to it, but I was definitely a fan girl. No, I wouldn’t go around telling everyone that I was going to marry Louis (he was my favorite). BUT, I could envision in my head what our life would be like….living in England, drinking tea (I’ll have my coffee though), a few children, a huge house, it would be beautiful!! I have NEVER….EVER told anyone this…not even my boyfriend so if he finds my blog: Babe, it was only a 3-4 year phase. I love you now!!

But, if I would have shared that information with anyone they would have told me that I was crazy. That it is not healthy to have these thoughts. That he will never know me, much less love me. And those people would have been right!!

So…lets look at John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

God is a much bigger fan girl and groupie that I ever was and EVER will be. His obsession with us is almost EMBARRASSING.

When I usually read this verse, my biggest take away is that God sent his Son to die for us. But, this time, I looked at it a little different. The way this verse starts out, the opening phrase, is a message to us in of itself.

“For God SO loved the world…”

God loves the WHOLE world? That doesn’t make any since. Even the people who don’t speak his name, who flaunt their evil, who mock him and don’t accept him? The crazy thing is, the answer is absolutely! God knows who will love him and receive his love, yet he chooses to love the entire world. His love his based on who he is, not on who we are or what we do.

Thankfully, God’s love is not like our own. We typically do not do well when our affection is not returned. We are reciprocal beings.

So, if God knew all of who would accept him and reject him, why did he allow his son to die for everyone’s sins and not just the ones who were to accept him? Why? Why add to the suffering by having him die for people who would never love him back?

The only explanation I have is..Love. Love on such an irrational, illogical level that I will never be able to understand it in this lifetime. But, I hope to spend the rest of my life trying to understand His Love. Because, compared to God’s crazy illogical love for people who will never notice him, never respond to him, and never love him back, fan girls are emotional flat-liners.


Britt aka. God’s #1 Fan Girl


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