My first step into the “blogosphere”

As I’m sitting here I’m suddenly getting really excited about getting my thoughts, experiences, and ideas onto a blog. I want this to be a way for me to hold myself accountable in more ways than one and to help myself see a positive outlook on the life I have chosen for myself. Just to give you a little more insight on my life, I am a 3rd year kindergarten teacher in a Title 1 school. To be even more specific, every student in my school is given free breakfast and lunch each day. Although my job comes with a lot of stresses, I enjoy every moment of it and know that I’m in this career field, and this specific school for a reason. Next, because of the low salary teachers are given in NC, I chose to move back in with my parents when I graduated from college. I love my parents but, with it comes a lack of privacy and not quite the best living environment for me – what with my parents arguing with each other and being on my back about random things. Fortunately, my boyfriend Matthew is willing to listen to me rant and rave about my living situation without saying a word back about it. Speaking of Matt, I have turned him into a Wine & Harry Potter loving boy. We love sharing the kitchen together at his home: learning new recipes, and eating delicious foods – all the while sipping wine out of our harry potter glasses of course!!

So, enter on this adventure with me as I learn more about myself while also sharing with you my struggles, my likes/dislikes, things I learn through the Lord’s Word, and random other things I decide to share!!

Yours Truly,



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